Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Days Leading Up to The Big Day - Friday: Meet & Greet

After our rehearsal, I ran over to our camper to get out of my terrible outfit and put on a dress before heading over to the hotel that our guests were staying at to join the Meet & Greet party.

We, and by "we" I mean "I", decided that the rehearsal dinner wasn't necessary when the goal was to have a wedding that was causal and celebrated family and friends. Rehearsal dinners tend to be a little too stuffy for me and very exclusive since only the wedding party and immediate family usually attend. My extended family and friends were traveling to come to our wedding and if they were spending money on a hotel room the Friday night I felt they should be part of it too.

Unfortunately time becomes an issue when you are throwing a DIY wedding like mine with out professional help so hosting an elaborate Meet & Greet party became unrealistic and I was forced to drop those dreams. Instead we decided to book a conference room at the hotel and bring in refreshments & platters of sandwiches (care of my sister's mother in law) and snacks. It was a come and go night where my family was able to socialize and meet my Mr's immediate family (his extended family didn't arrive until the next day) and our wedding party.

Refreshments & snacks provided by my parents, sisters & BIL...

**Bringing in alcohol posed an issue since we didn't have a liquor license, as we thought it wasn't necessary being a small private & closed event but the hotel staff stopped us so the beers sat up stairs in my parent's room. Unfortunately this news was misinterpreted by some of my extended family as they thought my Mr's family (who are from a Mennonite family on his dad's side...they aren't practicing though) didn't drink at all (my Mr doesn't drink by personal choice but his family does.) so they stayed up in their rooms drinking until they left.**

My sister, MOH M, & her husband, our officiant & MC for the wedding

One of my mother's sisters adding my sister to her bbm

My MIL getting to know my grandmother

Did you have a rehearsal dinner or choose to have a less formal meet & greet? Or did you do both?

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