Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ceremony: Making Our Commitment to Each Other - Part 1

After our parents read their passages about love and marriage, D continued with the next part of the ceremony...our vows:

D:The vows that a bride and groom recite are a reflection of the people they are and the love they share. C and her Mr have prepared their own vows. Mr, you first.

My Mr’s Vows
(Disclaimer: Aside from stressing out about writing my vows I was also worried about what my Mr had written since we had chosen not to work together on writing but be surprised at the ceremony. I had no idea what his would sound like and I worried that he would either say something inappropriate or completely miss the boat. Yes, sometimes I need to chill out and stopping being a control freak. But when he started to talk all I could think was how much I loved him and the water works started up again...)

My Mr: C, the love of my life.

Today I express to you how much you mean to me and the happiness you have brought into my life.

I cannot imagine another day going by without your unconditional love. I know you are always there for me, whether we are side by side or far apart.

Your love brings me comfort in times of uncertainty. It gives me strength when I am weak, and rights me when I am wrong. With you I am truly complete - as you are everything I am not, and everything I should be.

From the day we met I knew you were special. As our relationship grew, you filled a void in my life that cannot be replaced by anything else. For this I am in your debt, which I can only hope to repay by loving you in return.

You have taught me the true meaning of love. This is the reason I stand before you today and commit myself to you, now and forever. These vows I now take are expressions of my gratitude for all that you have given me.

I promise to always be true to you and to hold dear this bond we take in marriage. I will never take it for granted or lessen its meaning.

 I will strive to be more understanding and to be a good listener. I do my best every day to improve - really. Maybe someday I will actually remember everything you say to me – especially those lectures you give. I am trying, and learning, and always grateful for your patience.

I vow to support you unwaveringly in everything that you do, whether it is your career, your family or as a mother – I am your foundation.

 I promise to keep our love strong. I will do all that I can to keep the fire of our love burning. I will keep an open mind to your interests and do my best to share and experience them however I can.

 I vow to remain honest and open in our relationship. There shall be no barriers between us. I am your confidant in all things.

I will never forget nor forsake this day as it will be treasured as long as I live. Because of your love I will never feel alone. We are in this together: your happiness and pains are shared with me.

No matter how bad things ever get, I take solace knowing you are by my side. Your beautiful smile, joyous laughter and insightful wisdom are enough to get me through the darkest of days.
I love you C. I am proud to be your husband.

Pretty amazing if do say so...pretty amazing...even just reading them again as I share them with you I am struck by how lucky I am to have such a wonderful man for my husband.

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