Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Morning of our Wedding: Setting everything up!

With our makeup & hair done, we had four hours to set up the venue for the ceremony & reception, luckily we had a few people to help us do it!
The tables and chairs had been set up by the venue the day before and MOH K & I had made only a few adjustments to reflect our seating plan. With the help of my bridesmaids and my sister's best friend we put table clothes, runners, center peices and place setting on 27 tables.

While we were setting up for the reception, my parents were putting together our photobooth outside (thank god the weather decided to take a turn for the good because I don't know where I would have put it inside of the venue!)

Here are my sister and her BF holding up the walls as my parents fasten it together...

....and the finished product...

 (All of the pictures on the wall are wedding pictures of my Mr and my extended families)

In the kitchen two of my mother's sisters worked on plattering all of the appetizers we made on Thursday night and cutting up the cheeses and meats...

It might sound corny but having people like my aunts and my sisters BF help set everything up was one of the best gifts I could ever receive. It meant a lot to me that so many people wanted to help make our day so special.

Since everyone seemed to have a handle on their tasks I set up the cocktail table that were outside of the venue with table clothes and extra center peices. As it was around lunch and the sun had finally decided to come out I had to make a few trips into the venue to cool down because I was worried my make up would start melting off my face...luckily that didn't happen but it sure was hot!

I tied ribbon, that I bought at Michaels, around the leg of the table so the table clothes wouldn't blow away if it got windy and to give them a finished look.

As 2pm appoarched we only had a few things left to do but everyone need to get back to their rooms to change since the ceremony started at 4pm. I was starting to panic when two of my friends stopped in to see how things were going. Since they weren't in the wedding party and didn't have to get ready yet they were able to stick around and finish things up. They saved the day and I love them for that!

All we had left now was to get dressed and make it to the ceremony!

Did you set up your wedding decorations or did you hire someone to do it? As much as I loved being involved in all the details of my wedding, in hind sight I wish I had hired a Day-of Planner to take some of the stress away from me and my MOH K....

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