Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Morning of our Wedding: Completing my vows

After the Meet & Greet on Friday, my bridesmaids and I went back to our camper to finish up so last minute details for the wedding (assembling ceremony programs, menus & kids treat bags) and then I set about writing my vows. By 1am I threw in the towel, the girls had fallen a sleep and this was all I had managed to come up with...

...yeah....definitely not enough to call coherent thought let a lone something I was confident to stand up in front of our closest friends and family to express my commitment to my Mr.

The night before my wedding may have been the worse sleep of my life. I tossed and turned, waking up every 20 minutes to check the time and stressing out that I wouldn't have anything to say when it came my turn to read my vows.

By 6am I gave up sleeping and started working on my vows again. At least my bridesmaids were up too and as we took turns getting ready in the bathroom the others helped me put my random jottings into a coherent speech.

It was definitely last minute but by 7:30am on my wedding day I had finally finished my vows.

Did you chose the option of writing your own vows? If so, did you find it hard to put your feelings into words like me?

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