Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Ceremony: With Great Pleasure...

How quickly half an hour flies, we are almost at the end...

Closing Remarks

D: C and her Mr, go now into the world and fulfill your lives. Live vibrantly. Hold fast to your ideals. Challenge one another, and give each other new experiences of joy. Love one another in sickness and in health, for better or for worse; and may the roots you grow together be deeper and stronger than anything you could have imagined living by yourselves.

Pronouncement of Marriage

D: Through the statement of common spirit and the exchange of rings, you have joined yourselves in a shared destiny. By the love that has brought you here today, by the vows you have exchanged, and by the integrity of your commitment, you may now seal your vows with a kiss.

D: Families and friends, it is with great pleasure I introduce you Mr & Mrs K, Husband and Wife!


D: The Marriage Certificate will be available just inside the Cabana at the Guest Book table for you to sign. Please before everyone enjoys some cocktails and appetizers, the bride and groom would like everyone to convene just on the other side of this tree for a group photo.

With the ceremony over we headed over to where we would do the group & family photos. At this point I have to go to the bathroom but don't want to make people wait...

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