Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dinner & Speeches

After our first dance was over dinner was served family style by a group of Girl Guides.
I am a leader for a Sparks unit and made a donation to a Guide unit within our district that was fundraising for a trip to Churchill Manitoba. Their leader organized approximately 10 girls to come out and serve the platters to each table and clear dishes afterwards.

{We attached menus to the red wine at each table...Originally I planned to have a menu laying on each plate but I miscalculated the amount of paper I needed and in the end I think that would have been over kill.}

My BIL D also acted as the MC for the rest of the evening and started the speeches as we were finishing up our meal.

First to get up was my Mr's brother & best man....

He had prepared a PowerPoint presentation to go along with his speech, which was a bit of a gong show to set up and his fiancee definitely loves him as she missed eating most of her supper since he had neglected to grab the laptop & projector prior to the reception so they had to sneak out and then set it all up. In the end it all worked out and my Mr was thrilled.

In hindsight I would suggest NOT starting speeches as the servers are clearing tables as it got a little noisy with the change in tempo and took awhile for things to quiet down, when the guests realized that speeches were happening. I'm not sure how many people actually heard his speech but my Mr did so I think that is what is the most important.

After the best man speech, the parents of the groom got up to give their welcome...

My FIL didn't speak during their Thank yous and welcome, but perhaps that is because he decided to do an impromptu Thank You speech after their reading during the ceremony. I'm chalking it up to the fact that he was nervous or perhaps oblivious that you don't actually get to say unscripted speeches during a scripted ceremony, especially when you have the opportunity two hours later...but those are my in-laws for you....gotta love them.

After they sat down all three of my bridesmaids took turns giving a speech, something that truly humbled me. The fact that they all didn't have too but chose to was very touching. And they all gave unique and heartfelt speeches.

First came my sister, MOH M....

...then BM K....

and lastly MOH K.

By the end I was crying. I love these girls and am so happy they were and are part of my life.

(I regret not grabbing their written speeches after they were done and shoving them into my purse so that I could read them again when I wasn't so emotional and could actually register everything. Perhaps they are reading this and would be so kind as to email them to me...)

After their speeches were over my parents took their turn to say 'Welcome to the Family' and their thank yous.

This being my parents' second daughter's wedding, my father came prepared and actually wrote out his Thank yous so he wouldn't forget.

All and all I was really happy to hear everyone have a chance to speak.

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