Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Social: Setting up the Mix Table

Flashback to our social...I actually thought I had written about what I did for our drink mix table but looking through my posts I've been proven wrong! Considering I actually put a lot of work into what we provided I figure I'll share it with you now, rather then just answering the question in the comment section.

First off, I'm a gin drinker and one of the biggest let downs at a social is when I walk up to the bar and find out that they serve gin (Yahhhhh), which I proceed to buy, but then walk over to the mix table only to see my options are Coke, 7up, Ginger Ale or Orange Juice. Take from me, gin does NOT go well with any of these options. If you are only planning to supply the above mentioned mixes then please don't supply gin! You are only teasing people. I much rather order vodka to begin with if I knew I would be drinking gin straight.

So after that little rant let me share with you what I included at our drink mix table....

The hall we used, Bronx Park Community Centre, includes a drink fountain containing Ginger Ale, 7up, Coke & Diet Coke. For an additional charge they replace the canisters if they run out so you don't have to worry about not having enough of the basic mixes. (And as a bonus, they never actually charged me for the additional Coke and Ginger Ale that was used).

Additional I went to Costco and bought 4 - 4L jugs of Cranberry Juice, 4 - 2L Clamatoe Juices, 6 - 2L Tonic Waters (these were from Superstore actually) & 2 boxes of 4 - 2L Orange Juices. The nice thing about Costco is you can return what ever you don't use so if you are unsure of how much to buy just pick up a few extras to be safe and bring them back the next day!

If you are like me and think the little extras are what makes an event special and memorable you may want to add the following items to your table: a platter of celery sticks, lemon & lime wedges (I cut all of these pretty small...see picture below)  and cherries with tongs so people aren't sticking their dirty fingers in them!, as well as Tabasco & Worcestershire sauce. I went to a social where they also provided the ceasar salt to rim the glasses but since your alcohol is already in the glass by the time you make it to the mix table it isn't really easy to get that salt on there so I decided to skip that ingredient.

At the time of our social they didn't provide ice so that is what the white bowls are on the table. Since then they now include ice, as my SIL has booked her social with them next May (stay tune for my planning of that one!).

Basically for less then $200 extra you can make your mix table a little more diversified which you will make the drinking A LOT more enjoyable for your attendees and perhaps they will buy more!

Is there anything you included on your table that I forgot?

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  1. Thank you, i only bought 2 tonic water but do not have gin as a drink so not sure if i need more or not. The canisters would be much easier but more costly so our hall just discontinued them 2 weeks ago (now scrounging for cheap pop lol). I never thought about cranberry juice, will be adding it, ty.