Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learning To Dance

Before I continue on with the recap of our wedding...I know I'm taking for EVER...I figured I'd interrupt it with more details of how my Mr and I learnt our Two Step, as the question came up because of the last post.

When my Mr agreed to take dance lessons I made a few calls to studios and was also recommended one studio by a couple that took lessons for an anniversary. The first studios I called were the well known ones, one being Arthur, but apparently their reception system isn't that great and did not receive calls back.

The one we were recommended was Shirley's Dance Studio, the studio is on Tache in the basement of a bowling alley and the website is nothing flashy, so if I had judged a book by its cover in this instance I would have missed out big time!

Shirley is one of the nicest women you will ever meet and she is passionate about dance. She personally teaches the private lessons for wedding couples and is dedicated to making sure you are comfortable on the dance floor. The private lessons will run you $200 for 6-8 classes where she will spend the time to make sure the dance is choreographed to the song of your choosing, but here's the bonus...we started roughly 2 months before the wedding and we needed a lot of help at the beginning. After the first month we had already used 8 lessons but felt that it we were really getting the hang of things and wanted to continue. When we asked her how much more we owed her since we would need at least 6 more lessons she said NOTHING. We ended up taking about 15 classes with her, one hour long each, and only paid $200.

I can't promise that she won't increase the price but I definitely recommend that this is a woman that cares more about the experience then charging for every minute she's with you. My Mr was extremely self conscious about dancing in public and Shirley spent a lot of time making him comfortable.

We opted to learn the basics of the dance rather then choreographing special moves at different times in the song because she felt my Mr would be more comfortable picking the changes in the dance as we were moving rather then stressing that he forgot to turn me at a specific time. It worked really well for us.

Now I just need to get him to agree to dance more often!!

So if you are considering taking lessons in Winnipeg I STRONGLY encourage you to call her up!

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  1. thanks for the information, now my social is in 6 weeks & i relied heavy on your blog for info, you never explained how you figured out how much mix you needed lol.

    I will definately be looking that lady up.