Thursday, September 8, 2011

Picture Time: Altogether now...

Before all of the guests dispersed from the ceremony, to grab cocktails and appetizers, visit the photo booth, play games or mingle we ushered everyone over to a clearing in the trees to take some group shots. I really wanted a pictures with everyone that came to send out with out Thank you cards.

With over 150 guests it was a little tight to cram everyone in to the shot but we did it. Not sure how some people ended up where they did, though. (Specifically my sister's husband is in the far left corner and my BM K's husband is in the far right corner...why they weren't standing by their spouses up front...I don't know...)

After the group photos were done we spent a little more then 30 minutes doing our family portraits. I think family is very important and wanted to have group photos with each of our extended sides.

First we took pictures with our parents...
{My Father & Mother}
{Both of our parents}
{My in laws}
{FIL, MIL,Us, BIL, Future SIL}

Then came my Mr's extended family...
{MIL's extended family....far right is our photographer, my Mr's cousin, and is the ONLY picture he 'approved' with him in it:)}
{FIL's extended family}

And then my side of the family...
{My mother's extended family...she is actually the oldest of 9 children and I'm the oldest of 20 grandchildren, so if everyone could have made it this would have been ALOT bigger!}
{My father's extended family...he only has one sister so this side feels a lot smaller}
{My immediate family...this is where it gets tricky, my family are not the biggest fans on my brother's girlfriend and wanted a picture with out her but I didn't want to step on any ones toes. Some how it ended up being just my brother, sister and parents with us and my BIL wasn't in it...}
We did get him back in, but also my brother's girlfriend, for a picture with my father's mother.
And then we did a picture with my BIL's immediate family...which didn't include my brother's girlfriend....Oh how fun it is to try not to hurt peoples feelings and still get the pictures you want!

With the group photos done, we had 1 1/2 hours to finish our wedding party pictures and couple poses before supper. In hind sight I definitely would have allotted at least another hour for pictures!!

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