Friday, March 18, 2011

Adding to our Budget: The Bachelor Party/Trip

As I've mentioned in the past my Mr does not drink, so the typical Bachelor Party isn't really up his alley but he does have a few loves in his life and heavy metal is one of them. One of his all time favorite bands is Manowar, a band that he has never seen in person and has joked that he would miss our wedding if they were to announce a tour that conflicted with our date.

All jokes aside, a tour was announced and the ONLY date in North Amercia just so happened to be our wedding social! Because I know how much it means to him I even considered moving the social date, unfortunately all of the deposits had been paid and the tickets printed so it wasn't going to happen. And he showed that he loves me and didn't put up a fight...something I assumed I would definitely have..., but then a wonderful thing happened, they announce two more dates in North America, one of those dates being the weekend BEFORE our social and completely doable for him.

And then the next hitch happened. The concert was in Worcester, MA and we live in Winnipeg, MB....none of his friends could justify sending money on a round trip flight nor could they take the extra days off work to drive to it as two of them had just started new jobs.

But alas! I am the best fiancee EVER, because I knew how much he loved this band and thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for a Bachelor party, I suggested that we take some of our profits from the wedding social as well as scrap the idea of buying them sneakers for a groomsmen gift, and rather pay for their plane tickets so that the groomsmen could attend with him. They would have to drive to Minneapolis and back, as the flights were 50% cheaper then flights out of Winnipeg but it would make it affordable for all of them.

All but one of the four were able to go with him and three weeks later he still can't stop talking about it. I'm really glad we decided to do it.

For our social my Mr and his groomsmen all wore their tour shirts, rather then dressing up in suits which is more traditional but they were happy...

{My Mr in the middle with his four groomsmen at the social}

Did you make adjusts to wedding budget to unconventional expenses? Would you?

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