Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Social: An impromptu first dance

Apparently at socials the couple will have a first dance to start the night off, similar to the first dance at a wedding. We didn't think this was necessary but when it was getting close to 10 pm and there wasn't a lot of people dancing I mentioned this to our bartender and she said that people were probably waiting for us to have our first dance and since we weren't having one we should announce it so that people would get on to the dance floor!

Well the announcement went out via our DJ and the hall erupted in boos! (Mostly coming from my Mr's extended family) So I went up to the DJ and picked a Michael Buble song (I honestly don't know which one) and we had our first dance.

Have you ended up doing something to keep others happy that you weren't originally going to do?

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