Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY - MIL style: Dressing up the Servers

As I've previously mentioned I plan to serve my reception dinner "family style" but to do that I need servers as our caterer doesn't have enough staff to serve for 150+ guests.

And my MOH K comes to the rescue again and lined up 4 of her coworker friends to help, and in lieu of payment they would get to eat dinner after they finish serving and stay for free alcohol and dancing. Pretty great deal from where I'm standing.

As the wedding has a more casual feel to it, traditional black and white serving attire seems a little stuffy but at the same time I think there should be some sort of consistency through the servers' attire. Currently we are thinking black dresses, as they are basic and everyone has one in their closest or can borrow one, and over top of the dress they will where half aprons that I made.

In the fall, MOH K and I went with my future MIL to a fabric store to purchase the material for the bridesmaid dresses. While we were there we found a nice cream eyelet material on clearance that would be perfect for the aprons. My MIL insisted on taking it home with her as she had a cutting table and could prep the material for the patterns.

Unfortunately she doesn't always listen to me or perhaps chose to ignore the fact that I had PERSONALLY wanted to tackle this project, so when I got the material back from her the aprons were done! She did an absolutely beautiful job but that wasn't really the point, was it? Anyways I am gratefully that she wants to help out and by her tackling this project I have more time to do other wedding related things, so I am going to forget the part of her not listening to me.

Here is an example of the aprons that the servers will where...

I am thinking of personalizing the aprons by buying embroidered letters to adhere their initials on the pocket but I won't do that until we are closer to the date and I have confirmed the names of the servers as, we found out that the Rihanna concert is the same night as my wedding and 3 of the girls that volunteered to server have tickets for the show. So MOH K is looking for other friends to step in, some who are guys so we may have to alter some of these aprons slightly for them.

What do you think of the aprons? Suggestions for what the guys could where?

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