Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Putting together My Look: The Dress

Last night my FMIL and I went to visit her SIL's SIL Stephie...if that isn't confusing! Back in the 70's Stephie had made my FMIL's wedding dress, so even though she's great seamstress she wanted Stephie's opinion on how she was going to raise the hemline of my dress.

As I've previously posted, my sister has generously lent me her wedding dress but she is about 4" shorter then me so the dress doesn't sit the same on me and I also don't want people to know right off the hop that it is her dress. I want it to look uniquely mine. BUT I don't want to permanently alter it in case others want to use it in the future.

My FMIL is going to raise the hemline to the mid calf length in the front like I want but can't cut it so she wanted someone that worked in the bridal gown industry for 40years opinion.

This is what the dress looks like with the hem as it is... (please note that the back is not completely laced up as it take along time so it would normally look a lot more form fitting)

....notice my blue shoes peeping out....

And this is approximately how high we plan to raise the front, the back will stay as is...

She will also be adding layers of crinoline under the skirt to make it fuller and not just drape against my body. First step is the hem though!

What do you think so far? I will keep you up dated on the progress!

On a side note I had my Ukranian FMIL and her no-nonsense Polish SIL's SIL talk matter of factly about how I had put ON weight since the last time I tried on the dress and when I said that I will probably lose the weight before the wedding I swear I heard crickets chirping at the silence that I was greeted with. Ughhh. Seriously! Why did I become the bride to be that gains weight?! Isn't wedding planning suppose to either stress you out until you are a tooth pick or at least motivate you to stay on a diet and exercise obsessively? I had a burger for dinner! I really need to give my butt a good kick!

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