Friday, March 11, 2011

The Social: Last Minutes Details

Tomorrow night is our social, so my MOH K and I took off work today to run around and pick up supplies and finish packaging the silent auction prizes. My future SIL is also joining us after lunch so I am working hard to stay calm and not have a mini anxiety attack when I think of all of the things that can still go wrong tomorrow!

There are blizzard and freezing rain forecasts through out the province today, so now I just have to hope that my family will be able to safely make it into the city and don't have to cancel. Tomorrow's weather is suppose to be a lot calmer. Here's crossing my fingers. I should probably turn the radio off for my own sanity!

This is definitely a warm up to our wedding. I suppose the organized part of me should be taking notes of what to do and not to do in June.

As I run around I won't have time to post, so stay tuned for my social recaps and other posts next week!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow!! I hope everything goes well and you guys make lots of $$, can't wait to hear about it :)