Monday, March 7, 2011

The Social: Crunch Time

Our social is only 5 days away and I'm starting to stress! I feel like this is foreshadowing my wedding anxiety to come in June.

There is the running around this week to pick up the last minute supplies that I haven't done yet, like the cups for the bar and drink and silent auction tickets. As well as deciding what type of decorations I want to throw together without breaking the bank, and organizing all of the social prizes that I have collected and had generously donated to me over the last few months into packages with signage.

But none of that stuff is what is causing my anxiety. What is giving my nightmares is not know what the attendance will be like. Our capacity is 375 people and right now I'm making a conservative guess that we should have about 200 attend, as I don't think all of the people my future MIL sold to will attend as they are older and live 30 minutes out of the city, so they probably just bought tickets to support us.

I went to a social on Saturday that was held at the same hall, mainly to check that I wasn't forgetting anything and to see how someone else set up everything. That's when I realized how large the hall is. They managed to fill it up and I did a quick count of the people in the hall after 11pm, and I guess that there was AT LEAST 250. So now I'm worried that 200 will look like the hall is empty and if it looks empty it will give the impression that the social wasn't a success.

And yes I really care about what people will say! One, I don't want people to leave because they aren't enjoying themselves but secondly I do not want people to talk later that it wasn't that great.

So now I have 5 days to try and sell as many tickets as possible so that the hall looks packed. I'm starting to look forward to my wedding where less people is better!

I will post pictures next week of how everything looked and give a recap. Wish me luck!

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