Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Social: Saying Thank You

Saying thank you when you receive gifts at a shower or wedding is well known etiquette, but what about thanking people associated with a wedding social? Being a Manitoba-centric event you definitely aren't bombarded with etiquette tips on the Internet, so I decided to follow Emily Post's rule for when to send a thank you note...

It is near impossible to hand write thank you notes to everyone that purchased a ticket to our social and purchased silent auction/drink tickets, mostly because I don't actually KNOW everyone that did, since friends brought their friends. So for those wonderful people that chose to come out and support us we said thank you in person to as many as we could, as well as during the silent auction draw at midnight, and on facebook for anyone that knows me.

But taking the time to hand write a note to our friends and family that donated prizes to us, donations that came out of their own pockets, was definitely doable. So just before the social weekend I went to Michael's and purchased blank cards, a Martha Stewart doily punch and a Thank You stamp with a blue ink pad.

This week I went about making my first set of homemade thank you cards. I plan to do something similar for my shower gifts...although I have to think of a different design for the 20 people that received the social thanks yous!

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I need to work on my stamping technique though. I had a few that weren't fully inked and some that bleed a bit on the paper. Any suggestions?

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